Here is a list of all the things I've made

This is for the newspaper
Here are some cool tiger-related images
Here's a multiplication table
Here's a math test you'll never get the answers to
Here's a newspaper hub that's pretty useless, just go to the newspaper :D
Here are color codes for the colors in the Warborn symbol from a great game called For Honor
Here's a not very appealing menu for a restaurant that doesn't exist, why not.
Here's my Friday schedule, if you need that for some reason...
Here's a completed puzzle that you can't interact with. You're welcome.
Here are my bois from Fallout 4
This is a link to a slight maze so scorecards that are 110% real, not fake in the slightest.
Here's how to embed a video in an assignment
Here's my pictures that I didn't have any reason to edit, but I did anyways.
Javascript greeting
These are a few equations I made using Javascript
Bonkin' Primetime Boi
Measuring timely (and pi)
Wanna know if it's the weekend? Click here!