My small rant on the Lich King

So, this is more of a gaming kind of blog. Namely, of the Lich King, because I have nothing better to do with my time. So, the Lich King. He is an adversary of life itself, as he uses his army of undead, called the Scourge, to pretty much destroy anything that would dare live. Choosing to play as a death knight is an option available to players who get a character past level 54. Once unlocked and chosen, you get a unique story for tutorial on your abilities, which involes you going on missions to destroy the Argent Crusade. Though in the final battle, you and your other knights realise that Arthas (the Lich King) left you for dead! This drives you to abandon the Scourge, and forge the Knights of the Ebon Blade, which then fight for either the Alliance or the Horde depending on what race you made your character, orc, goblin, human or otherwise.