Link to the first website!


This is a website that is meant to help you learn html. I'd say that it's good at it's job, because not only does it have organized lessons, it also lets you choose what you want to learn first, and it has quizzes so you can see if you're learning anything. 10/10, good website.

Here's for the second website


This is another good website, easy to navigate and good lessons. The first noticable difference between this website and w3schools is that this one doesn't have selectable lessons, at least from what I can see. This makes it better for starters, but worse for people who already have some knowledge of what they're doing.

And the last website link is here


This website is a lot like w3schools, it has selectable lessons and a lot of knowledge packed into each one. It seems to have fewer lessons, but that doesn't mean it's a bad website. Saving space can be a good thing.