The College of Winterhold

Last but not least, you of course have the College of Winterhold questline. If you didn't know, the College is more than what you'd expect. Its like a normal college, but with and about magic! Although the storyline is certainly very interesting, I will be telling you about smart strategies for a mage and the small bonus things to pick up around the college and its story.

To start, lets talk strategy. If you go to the College of Winterhold, chances are you're looking to be a mage. If this is the case, then let me give you a few tricks. While there are multiple kinds of mages, most of these can apply to most if not all of the classes. Up first I have a starter suggestion for you. If you want to get your level up for one of the classes really quickly, try this. Talk to the master of the class you would like training in, and ask for training. This is normally expensive, so instead of simply buying as much practice as you can, try buying one, then pick their pockets and steal your gold back. Not only does this make the training free, but it also increases your pickpocket skill, allowing you to level up even faster and buy even more training. If you want illusion training, and you're low level, try buying muffle. Casting it repeatedly will cause a relatively quick boost in your skill.